Interlude After T.r.o.y. *

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    Interlude After T.r.o.y. *

    * - this song has no title on the album

    I am the one they call the g, the r, the a, the p and
    I didnt write this, its coming off the top of the dome
    So what you wanna do and whatcha wanna go home
    And tell your mama that im one wit all the mad drama
    Yes i was causing the movies on 1 east 25th street
    I crossover, honey dips knew it was harlem wheat
    I was flowing on the place to be
    Is being the capital rapper, the g-r-a-p
    In the place to be wit my man pete rock and cl smooth
    Pass the bust a groove and the people begin to move
    And get on the dancefloor
    Got to move the funk you stinking little hores
    And all the hoods and all the punks and all the suckers
    Wit this shit i got stupid muthafukas
    On my dick, what the fuk, i rock the mic so quick
    Wit adofo in the place to be
    And my man ross is right in back of me
    Rob o, good to go
    Ive gots the f-l-o-w and that spells flow
    Wit chris champ, oh whats up im bout to get amp
    On top of the mic and im a set an exam -ple
    Girls i pull, i got the honey dip, so whats up, my tank is full
    Of sperm, i ready to bust a nut
    Whats up pete rock, come get on the cut
    Rock to the beat, get wreck on the regular
    Listen to me because i cause mass hysteria
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